Door Headers for Automatic Door operator adds performance excellence to the door operation by virtue of its ultimate electro-mechanical performance combinations. The product is designed using advance manufacturing technology for easy installation & Quick Dedicated door operator controller.
Some Exclusive features of Door Operation Controller (BLDC Drive) are mentioned below :

  • The unit operates on normal 220-230V AC (50/60 Hz)
  • Smooth mechanism of opening and closing of the doors
  • The unit is controlled by a Micro-controller which has a right mix of peripherals to interface with the various components of the Digital Motor Control hardware like the ADC, PWM, Hall Sensor Interface, etc.
  • LED Indicates current status of Door Operation
  • The EEPROM provided inside avoids any battery related problems
  • The watchdog timer prevents any type of malfunctioning of the unit in highly noisy industrial environment
  • Function switches to select the desire Functional Parameters
  • Field Settable (Functional Parameters) Parameters :
  • Open/Close Fast Speed
  • Open/Close Slow Speed
  • Open/Close Slow Located Distance
  • Open/Close Brake Slope
  • Close Safety Force
  • Close Holding Force

  • Input Commands:
  • Door Open
  • Door Close
  • Photo Sensor

  • Output Signals :
  • Door Fully Opened
  • Door Fully Closed
  • Mechanical Obstruction
  • Photo Detection.
  • During first installation, or at the time of changes in functional parameters, drive will go for Self Learning Test to measure the span of opening. It will store that data in its memory, and set the operational profile i.e. it will not execute Self Learning Test every time the Power On.
  • Door Operation Controller controls the BLDC Motor BLDC Motor Details: A Door Operation Controller controls the BLDC Motor. Brushless DC (BLDC) motors are referred to as Brushless Permanent Magnet. Permanent Magnet motors, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors, etc.

Key Characteristics of BLDC Motor:
  • A rotor with permanent magnets and a stator with windings
  • A Brushes and commutator have been eliminated and the windings are connected to the control electronics, so motor is less noisy
  • Potentially cleaner, faster, more efficient, less noisy and more reliable
  • Rotor has permanent magnets vs. coils thus lighter less inertia: easier to start/stop
  • Linear torque/current relationship smooth acceleration or constant torque
  • Speed proportionate to line frequency (50 or 60 Hz)
Sr. No. Technical Specifications BLDC Motor with Worm Gear BLDC Motor with Planetary Gear


Rated RPM




Type of Gear

Worm Gear

Planetary Gear


Gear Ratio




Material of Gear

EN8 : NC 66

Delrin-Polyoxymethylene:NC 66


Output RPM




Input Torque

0.22 Nm

0.4 Nm


Output Torque

2.98 Nm

3.0 Nm



55 W

110 W



24 V

24 V


Current Required

2.29 Amp Nominal

4.58 Amp Nominal



Hall Sensor

Hall Sensor

Below figure shows the Door Opening & Door Closing profile, respectively.